Collection: "YOU FEEL LIKE HOME" Collection

A portion of the profits from this collection goes directly towards fighting homelessness

 Winter is a particularly hard time for those who are suffering from homelessness and it is up to us as a world community to aid those in need (no matter the season). We here at Nathia by Nathia specifically titled this collection: "YOU FEEL LIKE HOME" due to our belief that despite not having a physical home, those experiencing homelessness should feel as if they have a community home, full of people who reach out to them with chords of love and support on a regular basis. These individuals should encounter us and feel at home, as if they are encountering extended family. Supporting the homeless is much more than handing off your change to a stranger, never to see them again. Supporting those who are homeless consists of destroying stigmas, embracing our humanity, turning strangers into family and providing them with not just things, but self-building tools in order to assist in picking themselves up and welcoming them into society with open arms.

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